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Michelson Interferometer

Michelson Interferometer

Interference Pattern

Interference Pattern

Fabry-Perot Interferometer

Fabry-Perot Interferometer

Precision Interferometer, 650265:

  • Time for preparing an experiment is very short: The adjusted Interferometer can be stored in the solidly built box. For an experiment only the micrometer has to be swang out and a He-Ne-laser has to be placed in front of the divergence lens.
  • Due to given component positions the assembly for all experiments can be done easily.
  • Due to the reflecting screen the experiments can be carried out at daylight (no direct solar radiation).
Experiments (a He-Ne-laser is necessary in addition):
  • Michelson interferometer
  • Fabry-Perot interferometer
  • Estimation of the refraction index of glass 1
  • Estimation of the refraction index of air 1, 2
  • Twyman-Green test of optical components (qualitatively) 1

1 with Accessory Kit, 650266: vacuum cell and a glass plate mounted on a rotating holder
2 simple vacuum pump necessary


  • Heavy (5,5 kg), rigid (thickness 25 mm) and large (245 mm x 330 mm) base made of black anodized aluminium.
  • Large optical components: beam-splitter diameter = 40 mm, mirrors = 40 mm x 40 mm.
  • precision beam splitter: flat to 1/10 wavelength (frontside) and 1/4 wavelength (rearside).
  • User friendly mirror movement due to an eccentric gear control. One division mark at the micrometer corresponds to a mirror movement of roughly 10 nm. The exact ratio is signed individually on each interferometer. With the given ratio the wavelength measurements are exact to at least ±5%.

Instruction sheet including examples and physical background: Interferometer-en.pdf (511 kB) Adobe Reader

Fresnel Mirrors

Fresnel Mirrors, 650272:

  • dimensions of both mirrors: 29 mm x 95 mm
  • shaft made of stainless steel, 10 mm diameter
  • holder is made of black anodized aluminium
  • height of the mirror centre over shaft end = 150 mm (standard height)
  • regulating range approx. -0,5° to +2°
  • mirror protection made of acrylic glass

Instruction sheet including examples and physical background: Fresnel-Mirror.pdf (130 kB) Adobe Reader

Slide Holder

Slide Holder, rotatable, 650317:

  • for positioning standard slides (50 mm x 50 mm, max. 4 mm thick) in the optical axis
  • height of the slide centre over shaft end = 150 mm (standard height)
  • rotating range -90° to +90°, scale division in 5° steps
  • screen diameter = 130 mm, hole = 44 mm
  • shaft diameter = 10 mm
  • a slide with a thickness of 3 mm is exactly above the middle of the shaft